Frequently Asked Questions

How does Connect Moving work?

When your client, a new home buyer, calls Connected Moving, a call center representative will enter their new home address into our database that shows all utilities needed at that location. Then, we ask if the following services are needed and provide the rates and promotions for each provider:

Once the client selects the services they desire, we enter in the order for phone, Internet, television and power. During this time, the call center representative will then bring the clients' city utilities on the phone, so by the time the utility order is complete, so is the order for telephone, Internet, television and power.

Will my client receive better rates through Connected Moving or by calling the service providers directly?

In most cases, your clients can receive better rates with Connect Moving – or at the very least – the same rates offered directly from the providers. A new home buyer with good credit is a called a prime customer. Connected Moving only deals with prime customers, so service providers compete to offer us more discounts and promotions. Additionally, our call center representatives are not paid on commission. There's no incentive to offer one product or provider over another. Our mission is to provide your client the services they need at the best price.

How does Connected Moving get paid?

Connected Moving holds contracts with providers of telecom services including Century Link, Cox Communication, Direct TV and Dish Network. When your client orders telephone, Internet or television services, Connected Moving receives a commission from the corresponding provider. City utilities such as power, gas, water and waste are done at no charge to make this a true concierge service.

Do my clients have to give Connected Moving their social security number?

All utilities require a soft credit check to see if a deposit is required. Connected Moving also uses this information to place orders directly on the telecom providers' secure ordering system, again to see if a deposit is required.

Is Connected Moving able to waive fees or deposits?

In most cases, Connected Moving can waive the installations fees for telecom orders, but we are unable to waive deposits. However, with good credit customers, a deposit is rarely required.

What if a deposit is required?

Your client then has an opportunity to supply us with their credit card information, keyed directly into the providers' system. Or, if the client is more comfortable, we can offer the nearest location where a deposit can be made.

How does Connect Moving handle my clients' personal information?

Connected Moving does not store or sell any client information for any reason. Proprietary information is given directly to the service provider selected by the client. City utilities are brought on the phone to speak directly with the client to verify their information. Additionally, each Connected Moving call center representative goes through the same rigorous background check as our service providers' employees.

Does Connected Moving work with renters?

Yes, Connected Moving works with local property management companies, who are required to have power and water turned on when showing the home. Going through Connected Moving, services are transferred automatically from the property owner to the renter.

Does Connected Moving work with investors?

Connected Moving tries to avoid this when possible. Our commission is paid on telecom services rather than utilities, which is what most investors need.

What if my client's closing date changes?

Another true value of Connected Moving … rather than your client needing to call into each utility and service provider separately, Connected Moving will do this for them at no charge.

Can Connected Moving transfer existing telecom services?

Yes. In fact, when the transfer is made, your clients will often be entered in the system as a new customer, so they qualify for new customer discounts.

Does Connected Moving offer any other services besides utilities and telecom?

If the buyer is interested in a home security system or in having their new home re-keyed, we are more than happy to refer them to an alarm company or a locksmith.

Why should I tell my clients to use Connected Moving?

Connected Moving saves your clients tireless hours of making phone calls to set up their utilities and telecom services. In many cases, we are able to save your clients $200-$300 in the first six months of telecom service, using new customer discounts. If your clients call directly into the provider, who gets paid on commission, the likelihood of up-selling is greater. With Connected Moving, our only objective is to get your client the best price possible for the services they need.

What do I need to do as an agent?

A. Simply give your client the Connected Moving flyer, and let them know we can save them hundreds of dollars and many hours of call making. This free service is designed to simplify the moving process and provide a better home buying experience.